How does the grading system work?

It's pretty simple. In dealing with refurbished computers, sometimes there are some cosmetic issues that should be addressed. We do not sell computers with functionality issues. As you would expect, the lower the grade, the lower the price.

Grade A: Computer is in like-new condition. No cosmetic issues that can be seen with a naked eye. Extremely little to no wear. Functionally perfect.

Grade B: Computer is in good condition with some signs of wear, such as some minor bumps, scuffs, or scratches. Functionally perfect.

Grade C: Computer is in fair condition. It may have some major scratches or dents. The case may have some cosmetic cracks in it. Laptop hinges may be a little wobbly. We WILL NOT sell a computer that matches MORE THAN TWO of those characteristics. If it matches more than two (such as major scratches, a small case crack, and wobbly hinges for laptops), we WILL NOT sell it. Even though it is "Grade C", you are not getting a machine that looks like it was pulled from a dumpster. It may just cosmetically be a tad rougher than the others. Functionally perfect.

If you do not see a grade on a product, it is assumed to be Grade A!