Business Services

We like businesses. A lot. So much actually, that we started one of our own!

We've found that most business owners would rather NOT spend their hard earned income on IT related expenditures, but would rather re-invest it into their business, or enjoy it by the pool, sipping a mojito.

This is where we come in.

No, we won't make you that mojito - although running a business of our own, we understand how important it is to easily get affordable computers that will do everything you need them to do, and do them quickly. By providing you with a single place to upgrade your computers (without spending $1000+ per computer), get rid of your old ones (with secure data deletion included), and source parts for computers that you already have, we've got you covered - leaving you to sip that mojito of yours by the pool with confidence that your company is running like a top on some top grade refurbished computers.

Why refurbished? Check out our About Us right here, and see why refurbished is likely the solution your business actually needs.

For bulk orders, please contact us here or call 512-888-6014 for special pricing.

At this time, recycling services are only available in the Greater Austin area.