Returns & Exchanges

Let us make it right for you! We have great customer service, making your purchase risk, and worry free.

Talking about returns, warranties, and exchanges is like talking about a high school breakup. It's usually not fun for either side, no one really wants to do it, but occasionally, it needs to happen. Having said that, we at Eco Computer Co., LLC will do everything we can to make it a little less awkward when we pass each other in the hallway between classes.

See our warranty policy directly below and our world class exchange and return policy at the bottom of the page. All warranty claims, exchanges, and returns are subject to the disclaimers listed at the end of this page.

Warranty - Was the item defective within 180 days of receipt?

We do all sorts of testing before we send our computers and electronics out to avoid inconveniencing you with an exchange or warranty claim, but unfortunately as has happened to all of us, sometimes a computer can just go kaput due to electrostatic discharge, a power surge, or the mailman throwing it on your front porch and hitting it with a hammer. If something like that happens and results in a hardware issue, or the computer is DoA, we are more than happy to work with you on it within 180 days of your receipt of the computer.

You have two options when claiming your warranty. Nearly all computers can be fixed via option one.

  1. Eco Computer Co. will work with you over email or phone to diagnose and resolve your computer's issue. If the issue can be diagnosed but not resolved, Eco Computer Co. will express ship you a replacement of which part we believe to be defective at our expense for you (or your tech savvy millennial child) to install. If the hard drive is defective, we will ship you a hard drive with the operating system pre-loaded, or, we will ship you OS install media with the hard drive. We may request the defective part be returned. If such request is made, we will include or email a pre-paid shipping label for you to use.
  2. If the problem cannot be diagnosed over phone or email, or you would just prefer us to handle the diagnosis and new part installation, you may ship the unit back to us. All you need to do is pay shipping one way. Eco Computer Co will diagnose and repair the computer, or issue a full replacement. We will ship the computer back to you at our expense (exceptions below).

Returns and Exchanges - What if I'm just not happy with my purchase?

We try and be as upfront and descriptive about our products as is humanly possible. We also know our computers run like a champ (that's the reason we're still in business!). We do this so that there are no surprises or unmet expectations when the computer gets to you. However, we do recognize that despite our best efforts, we may occasionally fall a little short in helping you get what is right for you or your business.
Unlike most shady computer shops with the dreaded "All sales final" policy, we are different. If your computer has fallen short of your expectations, we are happy to exchange your undamaged and unmodified computer for an upgraded one of your choosing within 30 days of receipt, just ship your computer back to us and pay the difference of the one you want. We'll ship you the new computer free of charge. In rare cases where we cannot fulfill an upgrade, we're happy to provide you a refund, minus the original shipping cost to you. Your refund will be given upon our receipt and inspection of the item. NO restocking fee will be applied to your refund, even though we will still to re-wipe the hard drive for the safety of your data and re-purpose it for the next customer.

Disclaimers: We do not warranty software issues that may result from programs that were installed after receipt of the computer. Physical damage due to shipping MUST be reported within 2 days of receipt of the computer or Eco Computer Co., LLC retains the right to refuse an exchange, return or warranty work. By purchasing, you agree that Eco Computer Co., LLC is also not liable for loss of data, injury, or any other damage of any sort that may be due to computer or part failure. It is your responsibility to maintain good, working backups of your data. If you need assistance with this, Eco Computer Co., LLC is more than happy to send you instructions on how to set up backups for your computer, just ask us. If your computer is sent to us for repair, we will make a reasonable effort to recover your data, however recovery is not guaranteed. During the warranty process, if your computer is found to have been taken apart, tampered with, or otherwise modified in any way after leaving our facility, with the exception of doing so after being instructed by one of our technicians, we will not be able to guarantee the 180 day warranty or 30 day return policy due to the fact that an unsupported third party modification has the ability to fry a computer. If you have shipped your computer back to us and evidence of tampering is found (again, with the exception of being instructed to do so by one of our technicians via phone or email), Eco Computer Co., LLC reserves the right to deny the warranty claim or return and may charge the customer for return shipping. The computer may be held at our facilities until the customer pays for return shipping. This is why we offer affordable upgrades - we'll make sure we do it right, with compatible drivers and hardware that won't fry the computer, this way you don't have to modify the computer yourself and risk damaging the unit. After 180 days, we are not able to issue warranty services, including but not limited to the services described in all of the options above, unless you have purchased an extended warranty. Warranty grace period after 180 days is at the discretion of Eco Computer Co., LLC.