How to get your PC at your price:

We don't believe in you spending more cash than you need to for the wrong computer. Get your PC at your price. Here's how:

1. Head on over to our product list and pick a base desktop or laptop to start with, or pick a bundle that's pre-made at a discount to suit your needs.

2. If you pick a base model desktop or laptop, you can pick some upgrades (only if you want 'em!) to match your needs and budget. Check our FAQ if you're not sure what to get to learn all about them, or reach out to us through our Contact Us page.

3. Pick accessories! Need a keyboard, mouse, monitor, or any cables? You got it.

4. Finish your order and we'll professionally build your PC to your exact specs, test it, and ship it to you! To avoid shipping costs, you can pickup in the Austin area.